Oldendorff at a Glance

Each year, we carry about 380 million tons of bulk and unitised cargo around the world. We perform 15,000 port calls in 118 countries. On average, we operate about 700 chartered and owned ships at any one time.

Our story

From our roots as a small German shipowner we have grown into one of the world’s leading dry bulk operators. With 4,500 employees from 60 countries, 21 offices and 11 transshipment projects, we can cater for your bulk transportation needs.

Family ownership gives us an edge over many of our competitors, who have a more anonymous shareholding structure. Profits are not paid out as dividends, but retained for future investments, so we can pursue a long-term counter-cyclical strategy.

Each year, our fleet carries around 380 million mt of bulk and unitised cargo across the oceans. As a specialist in spot business, industrial contracts and offshore transshipment, we focus fully on drybulk logistics.

Our transshipment solutions enable clients to use bigger ships on long haul routes, resulting in freight savings. We transship iron ore for steel clients in the Arabian Gulf, coal for power stations in Turkey, Bangladesh and North Vietnam, bauxite from a river in Guyana and coal and other commodities at our transshipment hubs in Trinidad and South Vietnam.

Our dedicated people and financial standing enable us to assure the quality of service and the fast and flexible responsiveness that our clients have come to expect from us. Your cargo and your business are safe with us.

Solid Performance

OLDENDORFF CARRIERS continues to deliver positive financial results and excellent operational performance. Having a strong financial position and low leverage – with long debt maturities and fixed interest rates – puts us on a sound financial footing. Our current investment program of approximately US$ 4 billion in environmentally friendly vessels is funded primarily from operational cashflow.

Our significant net worth gives confidence to our clients, who entrust us with long-term industrial CoA’s and repeat spot business. Throughout our 102 year history, we have performed 100% of our contracts, charters and financial obligations. We will never let you down.


Taking Ownership

Teamwork is our culture. Our 4,500 people are empowered to lead and provide the best possible service to our clients and partners.

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Georgios Karatzis Chartering Manager Show my team
Gultaj Kanwal Chartering Director Show my team
Samantha Iqbal Operations Manager Show my team
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Heiko Kersten Director Operations Show my team
Mia Gerritzen Commercial Manager Show my team
Ben Kiersey Director Chartering Show my team
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Janet Vollmers Director HR Show my team
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Oltmann Thyen Director Chartering Show my team
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